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Hi, I'm Cristina!
I teach digital art.

My mission is to challenge every student to reach their maximum potential of creativity and authenticity.

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Imagine a class where students feel inspired, creative and fulfilled. Find the inspiration to begin your creative journey!

Cristina Zoica DumitruDigital Art Instructor and Educational Coach
creature and character concept

My Teaching Services

I teach in universities, colleges, studios or art-hubs, both on-location and online. I build my own courses from a variety of 2D and 3D art topics, such as character design and modeling, character animation or productivity pipelines.


Hour based talks presenting a very specific topic or introducing a workflow process. Lectures are designed for both small or large audiences and always include a QnA session.


Courses follow a specific curriculum, they always include theory as well as practical work and can last from a few weeks to a few months. My goal is to inspire my students to create amazing work themselves.


Workshops can last from a couple of hours to a few days and have a focus on experimentation and workflows. Students will gain new practical skills by creating their own finished artwork.


Educational coaching is a creative chemistry between teacher and student with the goal of taking the work to a next level. Through personalized feedback I emphasis communication, experimentation and critical thinking.

Subjects I Teach

Fundamentals of Digital Art


Drawing as fundamentals for concept art. Main topics include construction drawing, perspective drawing, casting shadows, composition, color theory, sketching, and doodle.


Clay sculpting as fundamentals for 3D visualization. Students will build their own sculpture based on concept art, with the goal of understanding the harmony between proportions, volumes and space.

3D Modeling

3D modeling as a foundation for understanding the asset creation pipeline. Students will be introduced to the specific workflow: layout, modeling, shading and texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing.

2D & 3D Animation

Introducing the theory and practice behind the animation principles, teaching students how to bring simple characters to life. Students will be introduced to physics for animation such as time and space, force and weight, speed and acceleration.

Subjects I Teach

Advanced Topics

2D Character Concept

Character concept is all about creating memorable characters with personality. The main topics are: character profile, shape symbolism, color symbolism, silhouette explorations, shapes visualization, body proportion, gestures and posture, facial expressions.

3D Character Modeling

Character modeling presents the workflows and tools of polygon-modeling. The process starts with a chosen character design, then creating a model base and finishing with a detailed model. Areas of focus are human-like characters, full body anatomy and set-up for posing.

2D & 3D Character Animation

Character animation is focused on body mechanics (human motion and locomotion) and acting performance (body language, facial expressions and dialogue). The process starts with idea generation based on a script, followed by animation planning, reference shooting, layout and final animation.

Subjects I Teach

Personal Development

Boost Your Creativity

Building or extending the student’s creative abilities to develop new artwork. Students will learn how to build new habits for generating creative ideas and looking for different perspectives. This process works great for both artistic and technical creatives.

Plan Your Work

Planning and scheduling personal work for getting more clarity through the entire workflow. I talk about setting realistic goals with incremental steps, how to make clear decisions (both artistic and technical), balancing individual work vs team work.

Build a Competitive Portfolio

Building and sharing an online portfolio with the goal of creating an authentic art space. Students will learn how to leverage social media in their advantage, to have a positive vibe online, how to present themselves and the importance of networking.

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Cristina Zoica Dumitru about me photo
Cristina Zoica Dumitru

Digital Art Instructor and Educational Coach

I’m a digital artist based in the South of Norway. I’ve been designing courses and teaching digital art since 2012 in universities from Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands or Moldova.

My field of expertise is related to Animation, Concept Art, and Visual Development. I have a passion for teaching the craft as well as making it. I truly believe that each single class should be an inspiring and motivating experience for both students and the teacher.

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